3 Paragraph Essay

3 Paragraph Essay – the most basic essay format a student has to learn

Writing an essay might be one of the last things that a student wants to do. However, a lot of his academic life is going to be spent on writing in some format or the other. Learning the basic essay format would help a student progress on to more complex forms of scholarly writing. The 3 paragraph essay is the most basic format that a student has to pick up in the course of his academic life.

The three basic paragraphs

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

This might sound quite easy; when you begin writing you realize that you are not quite sure of what to put where. Most of the time a 3 paragraph essay would be one that is quite brief. It is usually not more than 150 to 200 words. At the maximum, it could be a page which is roughly 250 words long. As the name suggests, there are only three paragraphs in the essay and they should be differentiated distinctly. You cannot afford to have three ideas in one paragraph and hope to call it a basic essay. This would be more like a note on the subject given, rather than an essay as such.

Clear-cut demarcations between paragraphs

This is the first and foremost element in a short essay. When you introduce the topic, you need to briefly mention what your essay is going to be on. For instance, if you are going to write an essay on uniforms in school, your introduction should mention this clearly. This is the aim of the essay. The objectives of the essay could be the perspective of the issue that you are going to present. This again needs to be mentioned clearly in the intro. The explanations and supporting facts that you present should be in the second paragraph and the your final comments on the topic should be in the last one. Learn more about this by getting in touch with UrgentEssays.co.uk.

Are there other formatting issues?

Generally, no. When you write an essay with just three paragraphs in it, you are presenting a point of view in a very concise way. If by some chance you wish to include a citation or two to make your essay interesting, make sure you give it due credit. For instance, you might be asked to write a brief essay (in 3 paragraphs) on a character in a novel. Your question could be to examine a specific facet of the character. If you refer to the work of the author or to a critic, you need to mention it in the References section at the end of the essay.

Learning the 3 paragraph essay thoroughly would help you learn the next step – the five paragraph essay format. Call us for more info on the essay layout and the general essay writing technique you have to follow. We at UrgentEssays.co.uk can give you the info in steps that are easy to follow. So call us right away and complete your assignment in time.