5 paragraph essay rubric

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Here are the basic points about the 5 paragraph essay rubric that you need to know

  • Your intro should be clear and eye catching at the same time. Do not start your essay with a tame beginning; you will have people gloss over the intro as well as the essay. Instead, begin well and move into the thesis statement. Also remember that there should be three important points that are highlighted in the intro. These are the points that are going to figure in the second, third and fourth paragraph of your essay.
  • Your second paragraph should begin with a good transition sentence and also mention the point very clearly. This would be a topic sentence that has to be supported by evidence or data.
  • The third paragraph should be connected to the second and provide the second most important point in support of your thesis statement. Here too, there should be relevant data.
  • The fourth paragraph should contain the third point that you have mentioned in your intro. This might not be as important as the first two points in the preceding paragraphs, but relevant nevertheless.
  • The fifth and final paragraph is the concluding one. Here there should be a definite connection between the thesis statement and the points mentioned thereafter. It is a kind of tying up paragraph and hence has to be very clearly written. Do not introduce anything new in this part of your essay.

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