Dissertation Research Writing Tips

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Tips on Conducting an Effective Dissertation Research

Research is the backbone of academic writing. No significant dissertation can be written without conducting a considerable and in depth dissertation research writing tips. Conducting research for writing a masters dissertation helps in understanding of the existing literature exposing the gaps that future research must fill. The type and methodology of research varies according to the subject and field of your study and so does the resources. Thus it is essential to know the strategy of conducting research that best suits your subject and topic.

  • Choosing The Right Kind of Research Methodology

Depending on your subject and topic of dissertation you have to first choose the type of research you will employ. It could be a qualitative or a quantitative research, a market or a medical research, or a theoretical research.

  • Looking for Resources

Once you have decided on your research methodology you will need resources to begin working. Explore the relevant public, private and specialized libraries keeping in mind the topic of your research. For example if your dissertation topic is related to American history or literature, American resource centre will be a better choice than British Council Library. Researching for dissertations online using search engines, online journals and libraries can make your task easy.

  • Choosing the right Resource

To glean right resources from the number of available texts is the most difficult part of conducting research. It is essential to restrict yourself to a particular topic and concentrate on intensive rather than extensive research. Look for thesis on topics similar to yours, search for essays in scholarly journals on the key words of your titles and use their bibliography in tracking the required resources.

Credibility of resources: In the age of information there is no dearth of resources on a subject. With increase in easy availability of required material scholars might often find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the right from the wrong. The issue of credibility should be of chief concern when choosing material from an unauthorized source.

Managing Resources: Keep a working Bibliography. Choose books from the bibliography at the end of an important reference book. You may look for many published bibliography which is a great help in choosing the right book for reference . Note making is essential to utilizing your dissertation research writing tips. Using flip cards are a better option than keeping a notebook as cards can be easily clubbed into different topics and later into making a chapter outline when you write a dissertation.

If you undertake extensive and effective dissertation research writing tips before setting on to the task of choosing a dissertation title and writing a master’s dissertation or a thesis, you have lesser chances of making a duplicate dissertation or working on a topic that has little or no relevance. Writing a good dissertation will not only help you gain high grades but would improve your future prospects. Make sure you read a few samples before you begin with the task of dissertation writing.

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