Dissertation Acknowledgement

Essential Steps and Features of Writing a Dissertation Acknowledgement

Once you have completed your dissertation project it is time to write a dissertation acknowledgement. Though writing an acknowledgement is not obligatory but it should not be ignored as acknowledgement provides an opportunity to thank and give credit to people who have helped in the course of dissertation research and writing.

Although different in format, writing an acknowledgement is akin to writing a personal essay with almost similar writing techniques. A good acknowledgement is a perfect balance of formal and informal writing. Scholars who are adept at writing a dissertation, thesis, a research paper or any other academic writing which demands formal writing might find the task of writing an acknowledgement somewhat difficult. Here’s a quick guide to essential features and steps in writing a sincere and genuine acknowledgement, be it for a book, a thesis or a dissertation.

  • Sources: The source of writing a dissertation acknowledgements lies with the writer. Make a thorough list of people who might have helped you in compiling and writing your dissertation. The support you received from these people could be a direct dissertation writing help, assistance in choosing the right research material, or a moral support.
  • Specification and Generalization: Make specifications when you list people who have assisted you. Try categorizing them on professional and personal basis. On professional front be exactly specific about the kind of help delivered when thanking a professor, or a department. For example: “My special thanks to Prof. XYZ for making available the laboratory equipments.”. Acknowledge ideas your colleagues might have shared with you, show gratitude towards your senior scholars for directing you to the required recourses and likewise. While you can be general while thanking your friends, parents for moral support.
  • Thanking one and all: The list of thanksgiving might be endless but you can’t go on writing pages thanking everyone. This might be a difficult task but you have to very skillfully come down to only those people who have helped you in that particular dissertation writing. Avoid the temptation to thank everyone.
  • Take the responsibility: When you thank your supervisors, seniors and professors make sure you take the responsibility for any misinterpretation or errors you might have made in your dissertation.
  • Presentation: The acknowledgement is written on a sperate page and is placed between the dedication page and the essay introduction. It should not be longer than 300 words. Address people by their full name along with an appropriate title.
  • Originality: You may read acknowledgement samples for assistance or opt for the best essay writing service, but the best way to make your dissertation acknowledgement sincere and original is to specify the kind of help offered by people you mention. This will not only show your gratitude towards the person concerned but will also assist future scholars in finding the right place for a similar kind of assistance.

Writing an acknowledgement is not a difficult task if you are aware of the basic requirements. Use thesaurus for synonymous words and phrases, read a few how to write a dissertation acknowledgement articles and sample dissertations, get your writing proofread by proofreading services provided by essay writing sites.