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Friday, October 26th, 2012

The Challenge of a Masters Dissertation

Deciding to do a Masters is usually a monumental decision that has involved much vexation of mind to reach that decision. Taking on the burden of the ominous Masters dissertation is not an undertaking considered lightly for those also juggling numerous lifestyle demands. The student is always a mature one and their life may have progressed from their undergraduate days to include a job, a mortgage and a family.

Being students that have already settled into an established lifestyle, they will have to be creative in managing their time, planning and structuring their routine even more skilfully than they ever did their essay plans. As well as so many other lifestyle features that make up ordinary, everyday living, they will have to give up much of what has become familiar to them in order to concentrate on the demands imposed by doing a Masters. The Masters dissertations  are at the heart of the pressure that Masters students will face in taking on this challenge.

Of course, such students have already successfully passed through the various stages of coursework and examination obstacles: they are the ones who achieved in GCSE coursework and examinations and went on to greater success with ‘A’ level coursework, getting the exam grades they needed to go on to University. Presumably, they excelled at degree level and got what they needed to take the next step. Once upon a time, the next step was simply their chosen field of work and it was a given that graduates had set themselves up nicely to earn more and achieve more in the work place. However, times have changed, and increasingly, employers are ratcheting up the expectations to the point where first level degrees are no longer the guarantors of profitable remuneration.

A Masters Dissertation is a bold step forward in the land of Academia

To be competitive in the workplace, the Masters Degree is the qualification to aspire towards. That means knuckling down to the task of producing a quality dissertation. If you thought your first argument essay back in Year Dot was hard, then this defies all bounds of incredulity. Whilst those gearing themselves for this end may be well versed in producing anything from Macbeth essays to Process Analysis essays up to degree level, a Masters dissertation demands that little bit more from a student who probably has less time and more constraints than in previous stages of their educational life. The Masters dissertation involves a great deal of research since such works have to stand up to the highest standards of academic rigour. It is not unlikely that your dissertation may become a highly regarded research paper, published in appropriate journals, so the Masters graduate has to be inclined towards such lofty possibilities.

You certainly, therefore, have to be wholly committed. A half-heartedness will soon see you lose any motivation you had and these are the students that are more prone to dropping out, no matter how gifted they may be. Completing a Masters dissertation is a gruelling enterprise, whatever field of study it is in.

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