How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

3 paragraph essays can be tricky!

3 paragraph essay
A 3 paragraph essay is one of those assignments teachers like to suggest by the end of the lesson. Just when the bell was about to ring, and you thought you could get away with no homework, you hear the dreaded words: “Oh, and for next Monday, hand in a short essay about…”. Despite the extension of the essay (3 paragraphs make for a short one, no doubt), this is quite a challenging work.
Always remember that the only reason for writing such short essays is because the teacher asked you to do so. If you have the freedom to write more words, do not constrain yourself to such a limited extension. However, if that is exactly what you are supposed to do, here we will give you some tips.

Why 3 paragraphs are more complicated than 10

You see, while sometimes students may feel than writing extended essays is really difficult, actually it is harder to write a 3 paragraph essay in which you can’t extend yourself all you want. You can’t quote long lines from other authors, and you can’t repeat your ideas with different words. In an essay that doesn’t take longer than two minutes to read, no synonym will hide your lack of inspiration. If you are only allowed to write a certain number of words, you may find yourself restricted and bounded. 3 paragraph essays are supposed to summarize a big idea into just few sentences.

The importance of short essays

A paper is not just a way to get into college. Essays –as well as other academic works- can be eventually published in college publications, magazines, books, or newspapers. In such case your work only gets a limited amount of pages or columns you need to respect. Even if the essay gets published online, it should be limited to a certain extension to be easily readable.
And how about reading your English essay in a congress? In there, you would only have a limited amount of time to finish your exposition.
The best ideas should be explainable in few words. Anyway, you need to follow the requirements of your examiner. So if they ask you to write a certain number of paragraphs, you should respect that requirement.

Your essay plan

If you are working on a very short essay, you need a careful organization of the ideas and information. For a 3 paragraph essay, you may use the following sketch:
One first paragraph as an introduction: Establish your hypothesis, go straight to the point.
One longer paragraph of development: Think of a couple main ideas that confirm your hypothesis and write each one on a separate sentence.
One last paragraph as a conclusion: Every essay needs to be properly ended. Close with a paragraph in where you justify your hypothesis referring to the ideas previously expressed.

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