Writing an Abortion Essay

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

An abortion essay or a research paper is a form of academic writing that critically evaluates the issue of abortion or termination of pregnancy. Abortion is an issue that can be explored on various levels and fields of study. You can write a sociology coursework taking the sociological perspective and evaluating the impact of abortion on a nation and society at large, a medical paper taking into account the effects of abortion, or a psychological coursework presenting the effects of abortion on the mental health of women.  Similarly, such a topic can have varied essay types ranging from analytical, informative, polemical or argumentative.

Whatever perspective or essay form you choose for this sensitive issue, there are a a few points you must keep a note of when writing an abortion essay.

Choose your perspective to the issue: An abortion essay can be written from varied perspectives. It is essential to write an essay taking a particular perspective. Decide your stand on the topic before plunging into the vast literature available on abortion. Once you have decided the stand you will be taking in your essay, choose the appropriate essay form. If you mean to defend your stand and win readers to your viewpoints, choose a polemical essay. If you simply want to provide an analysis of the current abortion rates in a particular area with respect to the causes, choose an analytical essay. If you wish to provide information and awareness on the topic, choose an informative essay.

Choose the focus of your research and writing: Begin with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement helps you to stay focused and to avoid any diversions that may interrupt your arguments. Your reading list and essay outline will vary considerably on the focus of your study. If you pan to take a sociological perspective, you will obviously be more interested in statistics, field and action research.

Provide grounded evidence and statistical data: When writing on topic that demand personal opinions, it is important to back them with facts, evidence and valid statistical data. Abortion is a controversial and a sensitive issue, and thus extra care must be given to the verification and evaluation of any form of data used in the essay or research paper. also, it must be taken into account that abortion essay is a kind of academic writing, and thus must be grounded on research.

Keep your conclusion open ended: The best way to conclude an essay on a sensitive issue, written from a neutral perspective, is to keep the conclusion open ended. an open ended conclusion will allow reader to make his/her own interpretations and opinions. In such form of essays, make sure you provide balanced view points on all the given perspectives, allowing the reader to make a fair and not a biased choice.

Opt for words with care: When writing an essay on scientific research topics, extra care must be given to the terminologies used. Recheck words for any typos or spelling errors. When defending your argument or attempting to make your writing convincing, be concerned about other’s personal and moral values.

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