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Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Creative Way Of Writing Classification Essays

Classification essay, as the term suggest, is the kind of academic essay in which a topic is segregated and presented in the form of varied classifications. The principle on which the classification is made determines the subject and the thesis statement of the essay. Every object can be widely classified because of its similarities with the objects around, to be able to write an effective classification essay a writer needs to understand and discover the relation objects share. Writing a classification essay requires reasoning, organizing and classification skills which should be applied right from choosing a topic of your essay to final writing.

Classification essays can be made creative and interesting as they offer a writer the liberty to present a perspective by intermingling and segregating different view points, which can be categorized at the writer’s will. This article offers skills that are needed to write a classification essay creatively.

  • Reading with a perspective

When writing a classification essay it is essential to begin reading with a perspective.This helps you have predefined categories to begin with. You may keep questioning the predefined categories while reading, this helps you invent newer and unique groups. For example you have to write an essay on the history of English literature. There are varied categories like classification on the basis of time, authors, important movements etc, in which it can be classified. You must know the predefined categories before you begin researching on the topic.

  • Choosing an organizing rule

To write your essay creatively, you must have a unique organizing rule. Organizing rule is the way you will categorize the details in the essay. Keeping the above example, If you choose to classify the history of English Literature on the basis of time frame or the important movements that occurred, there will be no creativity in you essay. In stead you may choose to categorize the history from a fresh perspective, classical and romantic divisions.

  • Classifying views

Once you have an organizing rule to classify your points, separate them into different groups in terms of their relevance and importance. Make sure you remain consistent in following your organizing rule. Following the above example, find out the basis on which to categorize writers into classical and romantic traditions.

  • Appropriate and Logical grouping

Once you have the touchstones with which to measure and classify groups, place your arguments and details into main and sub groups. Each division should be logically coherent and placed in its appropriate category. This is the most essential step as it provides insight into the reason and logic of your organizing principle.

  • Essay Structure

The essay structure of classification essay is similar to any other essay. The Introduction must present the thesis statement and the organizing principle which is later developed in the succeeding paragraphs. The conclusion should support the writer’s choice of a particular organizing rule.

Writing a classification essay is considered as one of the easiest essay writing tasks But the pressure to make it creative and unique may make it a challenging task. You can buy plagiarism free essays or ask for assistance in case you have to write one.

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