Educating Rita Essay

Educating Rita Essays: Insights into the Play

Whether you an art student writing an analysis of the movie adapted from Willy Russell’s comedy Educating Rita, or a literature student writing a creative appreciation of the play or an Educating Rita essay; we can provide you with many fresh insights into the play that makes for an answer worth a remarkable grade.

You can easily write any number of Educating Rita essays, be it in a form of a term paper or a school coursework if you try answering the many questions that lie at the heart of the essay. The significant theme of education has been dealt from a fresh perspective offering the readers to make their own choices.

Here are a few insights into the play that can be used for a ready reference or brainstorming when writing an Educating Rita essay.

1/. The play as a bildungsroman: bildungsroman is a genre of literature that is apllied to the novels of coming-of- age and education. Educating Rita can be discussed as a play in which the cultural, psychological, and educational development helps the protagonist grow as an individual. A bildungsroman generally tells about the growing up or coming of age of a sensitive person who is looking for answers and experience.

2/. The Question of Education:  The play brilliantly deals with the very notion of education and its system. The reader is prompted to question the significance of the theoretical knowledge if it takes away individual’s innocence and spontaneity. The question of education as training an individual under certain norms is challenged in the play through the character of Dr Frank. Educating Rita essays can be written analyzing the play in the context of the present state of education system.

3/. Feminism in the play:  The play has been viewed as feminist as it brings to focus the determination of an average woman to discover her true self, her identity. Rita is unlike the submissive and the suppressive women who are obedient to their husbands and are satisfied submitting themselves to their men folk. She is a woman of a new age who is ready to see herself as a distinct individual who needs to discover her true identity.

4/. The play as a comedy or a tragedy: Though presented as a comedy, the play hinges on tragic moments that are subtly hinted at throughout the play. Despite the witty turn of phases of Dr Frank, there is a sense of impending disaster that stirs the viewer or the reader to give a thought to the message behind the words.

5/. Education as a façade and negation:  The play poses serious questions regarding formal education.  The depiction of the academics like Dr Frank and Trish is far from derogatory. Trish attempts a suicide with the discovery of the hollowness that is veiled by poetry, music and literature, Similarly Dr. Frank chooses to remain inebriated to make sense of the world around. When one sees Rita wishing for an education that led to such consequences, one is forced to analyze the futility of the task.