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Monday, March 14th, 2011

Tools that Build Strong Research Essay Papers

essay papersEssay Papers are an integral part of the academia. To perform well at school and college, a student must be equipped with tools that make convincing papers. Writing College papers can be dicey if you lack the skill of writing clearly and forcefully. However, Writing may not come natural to many students. If you are one of them, these tools will aid you in driving your point home, emphatically and powerfully.

The basic rules of grammar and sentence construction play an essential role in communicating the thought clearly from the writer’s mind to that of the reader. They are the building blocks of a good Essay Paper.

The Building Blocks of a Good Essay Paper

Varied Sentence Structure

A Sentence is the backbone of an essay. It is one of the most effective tools that can be used to communicate a thought clearly and effectively. While many English essay writing books argue in favour of short sentences, you cannot completely avoid long and complex ones when you have to communicate an intricate thought. However, the rule of the thumb is to keep your sentence structure varied. While crisp sentences are more effective for persuasion, you may use compound sentences to maintain the continuity of an argument.

Complete and Interconnected Paragraphs

A good paragraph is a mini-essay in itself. It takes up an argument, delves into it and carves a way out for a succeeding argument. The subsequent argument is taken up for analysis in the next paragraph. Each Paragraph, in this way, needs to be organized around one sub-topic and must begin with a topic sentence. The rest of paragraph is an explanation about the sub-topic’s relation to the thesis statement, and the writer’s insight into it. Each Paragraph must, therefore be constructed with a similar work chart where each paragraph is dedicated to a single insight.

Such an interconnectivity of thought between paragraphs not only provides unity to the essay paper but also ensures diversity of thoughts and statements. Each argument taken up for discussion must be linked to the thesis statement, in that it either defends the thesis or refutes it.

Unified Essay Outline

Interconnected paragraphs give way to a unified Essay outline. The underlying theme of the essay connects one paragraph to the other. Essay papers aim to analyse a hypothetical thesis statement with the aid of supporting arguments. While each paragraph analyses a unique and individual essay topic, the essay becomes a unified whole when the paragraphs share a common theme.

The arguments in the essay should therefore be organized in such a manner that each paragraph connects with the other. The paragraphs must be threaded with one common element, In case of research essay papers the threading element is the argument’s relation with the thesis statement.

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