Essay Structure

The Know-How Of Ideal Essay Structure

As a student, eager to demonstrate a sophisticated, articulate competence in essay writing, one of the most important features of the essay that you must pay attention to is the essay structure. You cannot pay too much attention to this! All your salient and original perspectives and ideas are enhanced by excellent planning, giving your work cogency and academic worth.

Paying heed to the structure of your essay is a little like being vigilant about the type of material used to build the casing of your laptop. We take it for granted that our Dells and Compaq’s will be cased with the finest, most robust of quality materials, and it is if you buy a decent notebook. Similarly, your essay structures make your analysis of the argument more robust and formidable. We expect our hardware to be properly designed by others before it gets to us, so students must properly design their essays before it gets into the hands of their readership, (usually a marker remember!)

The Secret Is In Remembering That Ideas Are Ethereal

The first dictate is that you will have done your proper planning before you commit to the real thing. Whether you are delivering your Sociology dissertation or your Romeo and Juliet coursework, planning is paramount. The ideas in your head need to be transferred to paper so that,

  • You don’t lose them and
  • You can see how it is going to progress.

This makes planning your essay so vital. So many students will plough straight into their essay like a child let loose on a muddy field, before long finding themselves trying to resurrect a churned up quagmire. The student that plots their essay, prioritising ideas and main points as they note-take and deliberating on the argument and counter-argument they want to express, is already half way to achieving better marks. Planning really is the beacon light of competent essay writers.

So, with planning sunk into your automatic essay-writing procedure, the student needs to ensure that, as was just suggested, their argument essay is counterpointed by the contrary point of view. There are two good ways of doing this.

    • Present argument and contrary view/s together.

This ensures that you are delivering both sides at the same time, the issue being dealt with directly.

  • The other way is to present all the main points of one argument and then go on to present the directly contrary arguments separately.

Professionals working for our custom essay writing service agree that this way allows the reader to explore one side of the argument fully before being presented with the reasons why all he has just read must be totally wrong!

Both ways should be rounded off with your essay conclusion to produce a good essay. It is just for you, the student, to recognise that in order to have good essay structure, planning must be your first contribution to the task. Whatever you write after that will be significantly improved for having been planned and structured accordingly. Learn more about the essay writing services of!