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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Five Tips to Outstanding GCSE Essays

Writing a GCSE essay is a much more challenging experience than writing any other secondary school essay. Unlike the essays written during the school days, GCSE essays requires the student to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding in a particular subject, along with the reasoning skills to logically support or refute an argument with reference to various theories and advancements.  Every opinion thus should be backed up with valid arguments, evidence, and data references.

The skill of juxtaposing and interconnecting various arguments, applying them in a greater and universal context is thus required to write a GCSE essay of merit. No matter how good you are at essay writing, writing GCSE essays can still pose a problem for you. For this reason we are here to help you with your writing assignments. With a team of highly qualifies professional writers, we can offer you GCSE essays on any subject in the shortest deadline possible.

However if you are writing a GCSE essay for the first time, here are a few tips to consider.

Tip 1

Plan your Essay and Research accordingly

Unlike the secondary school essays that are mostly personal and limited in approach, GCSE essays require research. You must first decide a topic of your interest and research it down to a particular approach or perspective that you plan to take up for your essay.

Tip 2

Structure your essay and choose a genre in accordance to your topic

Once you have chosen the approach to your essay topic, and have accumulated enough resources for it, it is time to select the genre in which you will present your thoughts. If you choose to take up analytical study of a poem or a drama, you must write an analytical essay and thus structure it accordingly.

Tip 3

Use Quotations, references and statistical data to support your arguments

Once you start writing your essay, it is important to first form an outline and mark your research notes for ready reference. This ensures you do not miss out on an important argument. This is however the best way to bring your research to an effective use. Using quotations, references and statistical data from the research notes adds authenticity to your essay and arguments.

Tip 4

Analysis of the References

Just quoting the references and jumping to other points makes your essay dull and loose. Make sure you give an analysis of any reference you make. For your own and others’ reference, use citations from the text in the required academic format. Use MLA citation for literature and arts, APA for psychology and other human sciences etc.

Tip 5

Follow the Rules

Irrespective of your essay topic and its content, your essay lose a chance of earning you a good grade of it is loose in structure and has grammatical errors. Make sure you final edit and proofread your essay carefully before submission.

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