Global Warming Essay Writing

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Tips On Writing About Global Warming

argument essay with the ‘facts’ espousing the fear of an impending global disaster. What is then left out is the valid but very much vilified counter-argument which looks at why the global warming argument is overstated.

The global warming essay does present a challenge of how to deliver a high quality assignment in a broad and balanced way. The political consensus definitely rests with the catastrophic consequences advocates with much opinion and fact-based admonitions that can be researched and utilised to tell us why we must act now to save the planet. The official government position also directs its rhetoric, if not its policies, firmly in that direction. For the student then, the overwhelming urge is to work along those lines and it is within this train of thinking that a myopic presentation of the debate can leave the essay without the breadth of true analysis and scrutiny it should have.

The Rising Tide Of The Global Warming Debate

Most students as well as specialists ensuring paper writing service, politically on the left, take the view on climate change that is currently the most promoted; that we need to act to avoid a global meltdown. This is generally so, whether the student is a pupil engaging in GCSE coursework or is a degree student. The challenge therefore, in such a highly charged arena as this topic inhabits, is to provide that counter-argument e.g. that there really is no looming catastrophe as the world has had these periodic cycles of cooling and warming throughout its 6 billion year history. This viewpoint is so universally unpopular, that it almost seems acceptable to give it short shrift. This is a mistake that the student should avoid falling into, and their essay plan should be structured to safeguard against that.

No matter how marginalised the counter-argument appears to be, it still needs to be given the fifty per cent weighting that should be de rigueur in any essay. One never knows how visionary that masters dissertation might prove to be in the future when the debate has the benefit of hindsight, the evidence showing how climate vacillates alarmingly from period to period. What appears to be a fait accompli today can just as easily be a non sequitur tomorrow so it behoves the diligent student at any level, during coursework editing, to ensure a healthy respect for the contrary viewpoint, even on global warming essay. The exception relates to the conclusion, where, generally, there is scope to espouse your own opinion. Learn more about the essay writing services of!

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