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Malayalam essay

You may come across Malayalam essay writing assignments in many forms: it could be either an essay on any topic written in Malayalam or an Essay on Malayalam written in English or any other language. While the former essay writing assignment is primarily a part of Malayalam schools or language courses where the aim of such essay assignments is to assess students’ efficiency in using the language as a mode of communication, the latter could be a magazine article, essay writing contest prompt or a cultural studies essay assignment that aims to bring to light the culture, tradition and the literature of Kerela where Malayalam is spoken as a primary language.

This article suggests Malayalam essay topics that could be developed into best college essays with our personal support and guidance. Get in touch with our essay experts for all kinds of essay help.

Malayalam language and its evolution over the past years

Every language is a product of a historical, cultural and social construct. It also, therefore evolves and changes over a period of time as the culture widens and encompasses many other cultures within itself. In the era if globalization, no language can remain and developed in isolation. Your Malayalam essays can bring into account the external influences on the language and the way they have been incorporated.

Malayalam literature

Writing Malayalam essays as Indo-English literature coursework could take into account Malayalam literary texts and authors. You may discuss the historical background of Malayalam literature or take particular authors or their texts for evaluation.

Vernacular literature with respect to English

While the Indian writers writing in English have occupied most of the attention of the publishers and the audiences worldwide, the writers of the vernacular still struggle to get their poetic voices heard. You may highlight issues that make writing in vernacular less profitable, though more rich, than in an acquired language.

About Kerela and its culture

You will find scores of Malayalam essays about Kerela. Taking up similar essay topics require fresh perspective if you want to make a mark. Our essay experts are there to help you find enriching perspective to your essay about Kerela, a state which has the highest literacy rate in India, a balanced male to female ratio, least corruption and captivating landscape.

A Comparative essay comparing the four main languages of South India

If you know Malayalam and the other languages of Southern India, you can write a one-of-the-kind essay comparing and contrasting their peculiarities.

A narrative essay accounting your experience of learning Malayalam

If you have learned Malayalam, you can recount your learning experience in your essay. It would be interesting to know about the intricacies a language learner faces when learning Malayalam. If you are a linguist, or have learnt other languages too, you may also compare your learning experiences and give a rich insight into learning new languages.