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Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Are Your Smoking Essays Convincing Enough?

No one likes reading didactic stories. If your essay has a moral, you better know how best to veil it. Whether you are writing an abortion essay, a global warming essay or a smoking essay, burdening your readers with a list of do’s and don’ts is a passe. So, how do you convince your readers about the ill effects of smoking or the dangers of global warming? This is where the art of writing convincing essays comes to your aid.

Instead of describing the effects smoking may have on an individual, you must analyse the statistical data and back it up with excerpts of field and theoretical research in the subject. There are yet many extraordinary ways to state your arguments subtly and leave a lasting impression upon the reader. You can write unique and promising essays with the aid of our essay experts who have years of essay writing experience. Get in touch with our professional essay writers if you are looking for an authentic writing firm and high quality essays.

However, if you are pondering over the aspects to be taken up when writing a smoking essays, here are a few suggestions that would help you get started. If you are looking for more insightful and unique perspectives for a dissertation or a term paper, we suggest you call up our subject experts or fill the order form at

  • How far have the new anti-smoking laws helped

Anti-smoking laws differ from country to country. While in some countries it is legal to smoke in public places, in others there is a blanket ban, while there are still other countries that have specified the smoking and no smoking zones in public places. You can choose to write a persuasive or an argumentative essay regarding the steps taken by the government to ban smoking and how effective these measures have proved to be. Use statistical data to support your essay thesis.

  • Smokers have the right to smoke where they want. Do you agree?

It is a matter of individual rights. While smokers think they have the right to smoke wherever they want, the non-smokers feel that their personal rights are being violated. You may choose to write an argumentative essay evaluating the two sides of the arguments.

  • Smoking and health issues: recent studies

Smoking, undoubtedly, has hazardous effects of health. Bring to light the recent research which demonstrates the role of tobacco in causing many serious ailments. You can also choose to provide a literature review and update the list by focussing on the recent studies. Writing a bibliography essay as your term paper will prove to be a rewarding essay assignment in terms of academic assessment. Refer health essays for more insights into the topic.

  • Passive smoking and its effects

Indirect or passive smokers are as much at risk as active smokers. Some studies even reveal that passive smokers are, in fact, at much grave danger than the active ones. Evaluate the impact of passive smoking in your smoking essay.

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