Starting an Essay

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Tips for starting essays in no time!

Starting an essay
Perhaps you love writing, and starting an essay is not a big challenge for you. In that situation, there’s no point in reading the rest of this article. However, for those of you who believe writing is not your forté, and find writing an essay something hard –at least, harder than writing the rest of the paper- these tips can be helpful.
Here we will give you some suggestions on how to write essays, papers and other assignments, from the blank page to the finished work, ready to be printed and delivered (and hopefully, given a high mark!).

Take down notes in class

Once the teacher has mentioned he wants their students to write an essay, write down every specification he mentions: word count, possible topics, what kind of essay should you write (it is not the same a narrative essay than a science essay, for example). Take down notes as ideas pop into your mind, if you believe a certain author or article you once read could be useful, write this down as well, because you might not remind it later, in front of your laptop.
These notes you take come very handy when you think you are out of ideas for your essay. Besides, looking at these scrambled papers makes you think you have at least something written, so you have already begun. The hardest part is over!

Make an essay plan

An English essay, as any other essay, should be properly organized. For starting an essay, it is a good idea to do a previous sketch, an essay plan which will help you meet your deadlines and link your ideas the right way. Start with an essay introduction, then some body paragraphs and finally, a conclusion of your work. You can sketch your essay plan in pencil, in the back of your copybook, anywhere! Later, feel free to change your plan if you have better ideas.

Consider possible topics

Starting an essay is sometimes difficult because, in front of the blank page, many students experiment the awful writer’s block. What shall you write about? In fact, some find that, after choosing the topic, the rest of the essay seems to get solved pretty quickly.
A quick, previous research may come in handy. If you have no idea on what to write about, maybe it is because you are still a bit lost in the subject itself. That is why before actually choosing your essay topic, you should read a lot about the subject and have at least some general ideas on the different topics of choice.
Then, you should make sure you find a topic you find interesting. Even if the subject you are studying is not your favourite, you should always choose as a topic something which, at least, provokes some curiosity in you. After all, you’ll spend hours (or even days) writing this essay.

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