Blood Brothers essay

Take time to understand the plot before you write a Blood Brothers essay

When you are asked to work on a Blood Brothers essay you need to understand the intricacies that Willy Russell was trying to portray through this play. Apart from trying to portray the emotional ties that bind two brothers and their families, he was also trying to make a couple of statements about the society they lived in. there is a lot that you can write about in your essay on this very well known play. could suggest a few ideas that could help you write good essays on the topic.

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Here are some topics for your Blood Brothers essay

  • The nature vs. nurture debate. This seems to be the psychological angle from which one could view this play. When you go through the entire plot, you realize that two children born to the same mother, grow up diametrically opposite because of various reasons. So is it early socialization or is it the nature of the child? This is a serious debate that cannot be looked at only from the point of view of the playwright. Your essay could examine this debate and throw some fresh light on the subject. Of course, we could help you do this quite well.
  • Is opportunism a overriding theme in the play? There is a strong element of opportunism in the play that seems to be depicted in most of the characters. Of course, you could also take it as a kind of survival tactic as well. This is again a psychological angle that you could examine. Your essay could focus on two or three characters and describe how their actions indicated that they were more concerned in their selfish ends than in anything else.
  • Is the play Blood Brothers relevant today? This would be a good question, especially if you are able to present some parts of the play in a present day setting. It would be advisable to getting touch with our literary critics who could give you some good points to put into your essay. Apart from commenting on the play, they could also give an imaginary setting in present day America and see how this kind of a plot and play would fit in.

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