Child Abuse Essay

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Child abuse is one of the most common malaises of society in many parts of the world today. It is a harsh reality, one that we desperately try to sweep under the carpet. With a good child abuse essay, it would be possible for you to highlight the plight of children who are subjected to the most horrific kinds of abuse and torture. However, if you want to ensure that your essay is special and commendable, you need to put in updated information on the issue. There are a lot of statistics, images, archived information and accessible from a variety of resources that will help you do your essay. As child abuse is a very sensitive topic it should be written with care. Try to include only the data that you know is from a reliable source. could check this out for you.

Here are some topics for your child abuse essay

  • Pedophilia – a growing menace

    In days gone by, this was not an issue that was recognized by any community as being a social menace. The main reasons for this were the ignominy and the stigma attached to the whole problem. Today, there are more children and adults who want to come out in the open and talk about it for only one reason. They hope that by talking about the issue, they can help those who have been affected, get over the trauma of being abused at an early age. This would be an apt topic for university essay writing as it involves a certain level of psychological research and in-depth analysis of a complex behavioral and social problem.

  • Coping with child abuse

    To a child who is being mentally and physically abused every day of his life, there seems to be no workable solution to get over the problem. Your essay could be a kind of exploratory piece of writing that focuses on the methods of coping with child abuse.  It would have to be a well researched one and also help portray your role as a person interested in community service. This could also be a good topic for a community service essay, provided you are able to present facts in the right perspective and tone.

  • Is child abuse being overrated as a social menace?

    This is another side or facet of the issue. A couple of decades ago, a child would be subjected to a good spanking when found cheating or misbehaving. Today, this is looked upon as child abuse. Is this a realistic situation? To many parents, this sounds like one is taking the abuse angle a trifle too far. Use the right kind of essay writing technique to put across this idea. Suggest the levels at which one should exercise the option of identifying a particular act as that of child abuse.

Once you are clear about the concept and facets of child abuse, writing a child abuse essay would be relatively easy. Take your time to ascertain the facts and interact with us at to write a good composition.