College application essay prompt

College application essay prompt – learn to develop your essay

Understanding a college application essay prompt completely is vital to the clarity of your essay. A student could get quite confused when a prompt is given to him to use in his essay. In order to write the essay clearly, complete understanding is the first requirement. The following few paragraphs indicate with the aid of an example, the best way to approach an essay.

First read this prompt carefully

You have graduated from high school and would now like to join college. You are applying to this college because you want to pursue a course in Sociology and Psychology. What career prospects are you looking at? Where do you see yourself ten years from now? How and why do you think that this college degree will help you achieve your career goals?


As soon as you go through the college application essay prompt, you realize that the whole thing can be subdivided into at least three different sections. You need to understand the basis for the questions and try to think of the right way in which you are going to answer them. Here are some points that could help you with:

  • If you have opted for these two particular subjects, it means that you are interested in a few particular career options. List them out and try to prioritize them.
  • Try to write down points that could convince the admissions panel that you are capable of fitting into a particular career.
  • If you have a particular image of yourself either as an entrepreneur, a counselor or part of a particular organization, mention it

Think of the right kind of formatting

As our adepts who provide essay writing service say, in English academic writing, it is necessary to get the writing format right. When you don’t pay attention to the formatting issue, there is always the danger of losing precious marks. If you have doubts about formatting, it would be good to take a look at the examples on our essay website. There are various formats and topics that are handled by our expert writers, which could give you sufficient guidance.

Reading it through

After you have finished writing the essay based on your outline, it is necessary to go back and read it a couple of times. Very often, there could be some points that have been left out due to oversight. Take care to ensure that these points are covered. Check the formatting and see that you have made your essay sound correct, coherent and sequential. Above all, make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors to mar your writing. When you apply to a college for admission, the last thing that you can afford to submit is an error-ridden essay.

Developing your essay based on the college application essay prompt that you are given, needs a lot of practice. Getting in touch with could give you the confidence that is vital to writing a good essay. Use our tips and give us a call if you feel that you need more help.