Community Service Essay

Present a balanced view in your Community Service Essay

When one uses the term ‘service’ it is presumed that the person who performs it is doing it either of his own volition or as part of a business. There are various services that are on offer, all of which we pay for. The other kind of service that we talk about is purely voluntary and does not involve any exchange of money. Therefore, when you write your Community Service essay, it is essential to make the whole concept of community service quite clear. There are many conflicting opinions on this as is to be expected when any issue or concept is discussed. If you could interact with us at you can get some ideas about these opinions and write an essay that is different and educative at the same time.

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Here are some topics that you could think of when you need to write an essay on Community Service

  • Is Community Service being thrust upon students?

    There are many who believe that Community Service is not voluntarily undertaken by students. In order to have an entry on their Resumes, most students go in for a short stint of service. This has its fair share of problems and students do not approach it with the right kind of attitude. Focus on this issue in your essay.

  • Community Service in your locality

    If you have a common cause for which you could mobilize the services of like-minded people like you in your locality, you could describe this in your essay. Focus on the way in which you carried it out and what the outcomes were.

  • Community Service – a yardstick for some

    If you are going to choose a career that is service-oriented, it would be a good idea to engage in Community Service ‘” this is a common opinion. It would be good for you to examine this in your Community Service essay. You could look at the level of commercialization that exists in so called ‘service-oriented’ professions today and come out with a balanced view.

  • Monitoring a Community Service Project

    If you are assigned the duty of overseeing a Community Service project, it would make a good topic for your essay. You could give a detailed description on how you set it up and ensured that it ran smoothly.

  • Selfless service

    Community Service is supposed to be selfless service. Your essay could reflect on this and give cases to support your point of view.

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