Dissertation Acknowledgement

The Expression of Gratitude through Dissertation Acknowledgement

Preparing a dissertation is not the easiest thing in the world and it will only be tougher but for the people who help us with their valuable suggestions and support and make the task easier. The help might have been provided by our supervisor who guided us throughout our research or by our parents or friends or by an organization which could have provided financial assistance for our research. It is important to express our gratitude towards all those people who have contributed to our research in one way or other. This is exactly why dissertation acknowledgement is an important and integral part of any dissertation or thesis, wherein the author thanks all those people who have helped him complete his thesis.

The Acknowledgement page should be arranged after the Title Page of the thesis as a separate sheet. It must be well organized. Though it is good to mention and thank all those people who have given their support for our research work, the final decision of whose names can be included in the acknowledgement lies with the author of the dissertation topic.

A person must never be biased when it comes to acknowledging other people’s contribution for his project. The author must be straightforward in his approach and the acknowledgement must be centered on those individuals who have made some significant contribution for the research like www.UrgentEssays.co.uk, an essay writing service which can find any information you need for your research and arrange it systematically. A brief introduction can be written about these individuals and the dissertation help they provided for the project. A person must begin with first thanking the principal or dean of the institution where he carried out is research work, then mentioning his supervisors and fellow research scholars who have guided him throughout with their valuable suggestions. Most research scholars could not have completed their work successfully without the financial assistance provided for their project by some people. This assistance could have come in the form of grants or fee exemption and the author must thank all those people adequately. Whenever any copyright material is used in a dissertation, it is important to honor the original author of that material.

The author can end his acknowledgement page by finally thanking his friends and family who have provided him moral support during the research work. Though such personal acknowledgements are considered to be friendly in nature, they should nevertheless be in formal English. Though there is no upper limit on the number of people a scholar can thank in his acknowledgement, it is good to mention only the names of only those people whom the author thinks have made an effective contribution to his work.

The popularly used font for dissertation acknowledgement is Times New Roman of font size 12. It is advisable to leave a spacing of 1” for the margins on all the four sides, left, right, top and bottom. This page can be printed out on an A4 size bond paper of dimensions 8.5”×11”. Since the task of writing an acknowledgement is challenging, tedious, time consuming and requires expert guidance, www.UrgentEssays.co.uk helps to simplify the task by providing professional dissertation writing services and solutions to people having doubts regarding preparation of such acknowledgements and assisting them in the preparation of the same.

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