Dissertation Format

Right dissertation format-a key to right dissertation

Dissertation format is a set of standards and conventions which need to be followed and adhered to, while preparing a research thesis. Such a format helps to make the dissertation well organized so that its contents are made more presentable and easily readable by others. Adhering to a standard format and following its guidelines gives more clarity to our thesis.

Researchers can organize their dissertation or thesis in such a way that it is composed of a number of chapters. These chapters in turn can be divided into a number of sub-chapters for the purpose of explaining the concepts clearly. Any dissertation must begin with a ‘Title Page’, which includes the title of the research topic, full name of the person doing the research and also appropriate spaces for signatures needed. All the contents of the title page must be center aligned and doubled spaced. This page must be followed by a page titled ‘Abstract’ which clearly states the problem considered for research work and the major results and findings of the dissertation. The content must not exceed 300 words. It should be followed by the ‘Acknowledgement’ page, where one can acknowledge the people who have helped them in their research. After it goes the ‘Table of Contents’ page where the various chapters, sub-chapters and the topics under each are listed, along with their respective page numbers, thus facilitating easy identification of a certain topic in future. There should also be a list of figures and list of tables, again with their respective pages numbers, thus enabling easy reference to them when needed. If shaping your research into a proper format takes too much time and effort for you, you can easily avail custom essay writing service, among which www.UrgentEssays.co.uk is the best choice as it not only offers this kind of service but also does it fast and without need of further revisions. These pages comprise of what is known as preliminary pages and should be numbered with Roman Numerals at the bottom of the page.

The chapters of the dissertation are divided in such a way that the first chapter is an ‘Introduction’ chapter which explains why the particular topic was chosen for research and also gives a brief overview of the topic. The aim of the research work must be clearly stated in this chapter. This must be followed by a chapter called ‘Literature Survey’ where any previous work carried out on the same topic must be mentioned. The following chapters are divided to clearly explain the work done during the research, like concepts analyzed, experiments performed, technologies used etc. The findings of the research are summarized in the ‘Conclusion’ chapter. Any scope of future work on the same topic must also be mentioned in the dissertation conclusion. Whenever figures or tables are needed to be included in a chapter, they must be preceded by a proper description, numbered chapter wise and given a proper heading. For example, the second figure in third chapter must be numbered as Fig.3.2 and accompanied by a proper heading. The same applies for tables. Any formulae, derivations, graphical results and coding involved in the research can be included in the ‘Appendix’ chapter, which comes after the Conclusion chapter.

The most commonly used font for a thesis is Times New Roman of font size 12. Uniform 1.5” line spacing must be adhered to throughout the thesis and the left margin must have a spacing of 1.5” and the top, bottom and right margins a spacing of 1”. The report must be printed out on a bond paper of A4 size with dimensions of 8.5”×11”. The numbering of the pages should be continuous. The script should be free from errors, so it is advisable to check its contents thoroughly before printing the same. By preparing a report in accordance with the dissertation format mentioned above, its contents are presented more effectively. For dissertation samples and to clarify any doubts regarding their preparation visit www.UrgentEssays.co.uk. www.UrgentEssays.co.uk provides expert guidance and assistance.

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