Dissertation topics

Dissertation topics is the top of an iceberg! In all respects.

Having reached this very stage of your studies, you have a diligent student reputation and favor your major field. That is why you can advance with your own topic based on the matter that interests you most in the given sphere.

The mechanism of choosing your dissertation topic.

Step 1

Define the branch of science that interests you, and find your narrow but empty niche. Your research can be:

  • some minor section or question that is not investigated thoroughly or lacks proper consideration on behalf of the scientists;
  • an ambiguous or disputable issue that raises controversy and requires final settlement;
  • some well-trodden path in science but supplied with new and unusual examples or research data.

Step 2

Having decided on the field and range of problems, think about methodology. You are to find out what methods have been applied already; and the relevant results reached due to this application. Topic can vary due to certain chosen methods that are newly-invented or unusual. Methodological issues often pose significant problems to the beginner scientists; so consult your scientific adviser as frequently as necessary.

Step 3

Approach the matter of material for your research. Even this minor section can justify the choice of the new topic. Theory belongs to scientific mammoths; you provide its application to some fresh and new material.

Step 4

Finally, if you are well-shod in the sphere, you can run comparative study of different approaches to the subject that interests you. You may clarify and balance some points of a cross-science heated argument.

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