Divorce essay

Writing a divorce essay requires a lot of tact and unbiased presentation

A couple of decades ago, talking about divorce would have been quite difficult. It was a topic that was discussed only in hushed tones among groups of people who were old enough to discuss it. Today things have changed; if you say marriage has become common, divorce has become more so! This leaves us with a situation wherein it is necessary to discuss and understand divorce and all its complexities. Therefore writing a divorce essay could be a topic that is meant for children from high school up to any age.

Divorce is certainly not a pleasant thing to talk about. Unfortunately however, one needs to face life and all its tough moments. Divorce seems to be one such inevitable happening in the lives of many. It is therefore necessary for students to prepare for all sorts of topics across a wide variety of subjects. www.UrgentEssays.co.uk takes lot of pride in trying to present as many diverse topics as possible for the student to write on. Our website offers not only essay writing service, but also constructive tips on every kind of academic writing format imaginable. There are also tips to tackle essays that can be entered for a contest – for example, the scholarship essay contest.

Here are some divorce essay topics that you could write on

  • Divorce and the law. Depending on the country, religion and community you belong to, divorce laws could change quite drastically. If you are a person who lives in the USA, you are governed by the federal laws and the laws of each state. On the other hand, if you are a Moslem living in Saudi Arabia, you are governed by Islamic laws or the laws of the Shariat.
  • Divorce and children. In any divorce that takes place, children seem to be the most deeply affected. From traumatic situations to custody battles, there are all sorts of things that they have to face before they can begin to lead normal lives. Your essay could focus on the troubles that children face. You could also suggest a few workable solutions to this social problem.
  • The status of a female divorcee in society. Depending on the cultural and social values in a country, the status of a divorcee varies. In a conservative society, she would be treated like an outcaste; in a more modern society, she would be better accepted. This could be a kind of social commentary, if you were to go into the socio-cultural elements of the issue.
  • Marriage and divorce statistics – a study. Your essay could focus on the marriage and divorce statistics in a particular city or a community. There are many elements that influence the rate of divorce in a society. With the relevant info, you could present a very balanced view of why and how divorce occurs in a particular community or stratum of society.

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