English essay writing

A few points about English essay writing that could better your score

Every student is required to learn the basics about English essay writing at some stage of his academic life or the other. In primary or middle school, the topics are simple and straightforward and the student is required to put together a few sentences on a given issue. As the student advances to high school and then on to college, the kinds of essays he has to write become a little more complex. The topics he/she has to write on are wider and require a higher order of thinking and comprehension. It is this types of gradual increase in academic levels that we at www.UrgentEssays.co.uk are able to understand completely.

With long years of practice, our writers are able to grasp the need of each student who approaches us and hence puts forward the right kind of info for the essay. Whether it is a topic or a tip, our writers are ready with a variety of suggestions that the student can choose from. English essay writing could be in different styles and formats and on a wide range of topics too. You could write a simple nursing essay or a literary one as well. The Color Purple essay would be one that is required by a student of African American Literature as the author of the book is Alice Walker, an African American writer. If you are interested in taking part in an essay writing contest, we could help you there too. Most schools have a scholarship essay contest for which they expect a certain level of writing skill. We at www.UrgentEssays.co.uk could give you tips on this as well.

Some simple points to keep in mind

  • Simple sentences are much better appreciated than long-drawn-out ones. So keep your language as simple as possible. Try not to use words and phrases just because you know a few high-sounding ones. They might look out of place in your essay.
  • Stick to the point from beginning to end. This does not mean that you have to keep repeating all your points in ten different ways. It means that you have to contribute to the focal point of the essay, by bringing in as much relevant info as you have. Veering away from the topic could land you in a soup.
  • Learn to use the write kind of essay format when you write. If you are working on a discursive essay, use the relevant format. Similarly, when you write a comparative essay, keep track of the format there as well.
  • When the topic is a controversial one, try not to take a one-sided stand or viewpoint. It would portray you as a very biased writer and this is certainly not acceptable. Instead, try to look at all the relevant points before you put things together.

For more tips and workable suggestions on English essay writing get in touch with our writers and reps. We are approachable and our rates are quiet within your reach. So call or email us today.