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There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip – so goes the old saying. This is particularly true in the case of a student who submits essays and assignments. He or she has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to source material for the essay and putting it all together. At the end of the day, the essay is completed, formatted, a cover page added, if necessary and submitted to the evaluator. When the scores are returned a couple of days later, there is such a sense of disappointment in the air; you can actually cut it with a knife!  This is when you feel like kicking yourself for not taking advantage of our essay checker service.

Well on hindsight, we are always wiser after an event and would do something only when we realize that we could have avoided this loss of marks, time and mental peace. The services of are quite extensive. Apart from essay writing service, providing good topics, tips and ideas, we also ensure the right kind of proofreading to ensure that essays are good in all respects.

Here’s what a good essay checker service could do:

  • A complete check of whether or not the essay is well focused and stays from beginning to end with the thesis statement that is made in the introduction.
  • Whether the info and the data put in are pertinent to the essay topic and also whether the info is from a reliable source.
  • If there are names, images or tables that are incorporated, the veracity and relevance of the same are verified and attested.
  • All spelling and grammatical errors are highlighted and suggestions for correction of the same are given.
  • The style and diction that is used in the essay is closely examined by a writer who has good experience in stylistics or linguistics.
  • The sequential presentation of the facts is examined and if there are any discrepancies, the same is highlighted and suitable changes initiated.
  • The overall presentation of the essay is examined; every essay needs to be special in some way or the other. This singularity is provided as a final touch.

If you are sure that you have finished your essay, just give us a call. We can go through your work and provide you with a good set of ideas that help you polish your essay even further. This is to make sure that the university essay writing that you undertake is perfect and fits the bill of the pickiest of all evaluators. We could do this for your graduate school essay as well. We understand that the essay layout and technique need to be in place for all kinds of essays.

The amount of money that we at charge our clients is quite reasonable. We can offer the essay checker service at any level for any kind of essay. So what are you waiting for? Send us your essay as soon as you can and see it get transformed into something fresh and unique.