Essay Contests for High School Students

Essay Contests for High School Students – take some tips from us to win

Taking part in essay contests for high school students could be an exciting experience, provided you are well versed in good writing techniques. There are many schools that encourage students to take part in contests at various levels. For instance, a middle school student could take part in an essay writing contest where his skills in English as well as other subjects are tested. could suggest a few tips to these students who prepare for such contests.

Every essay writing contest could be an easy one if students are prepared to practice their essay writing technique to perfection. On this website, you will find quite a few tips to make every essay topic you see, easy and manageable. The key to writing an easy essay is to master the basic rules about writing and ensure that there are no mistakes in the piece that you submit. Learning more about the five paragraph essay format would also help you do well in essay contests for high school students. Once you are confident of taking part in such essays, writing an essay as a request for admission could be an easy task to accomplish.

Some tips to help you cope with essay contests at high school

The three basic paragraphs

  • Take a good look at the topic. Put your pen down for a minute, close your eyes and try to focus on the topic at hand. You will realize that there are quite a few thoughts that flash across your mind. Put them down as briefly as possible.
  • Now that you have understood the topic, try to make an outline with the points that you have thought of. These points might not be enough; but they are surely enough to start out on your task.
  • n your outline, make some provisions for the inclusion of examples or case studies. For example, if your topic is capital punishment, try to include a few cases that you are thoroughly aware of. If you are not sure, do not put it in.
  • Think of the five paragraph format. You need to have the introduction, the body that consists of three separate points or paragraph and then the conclusion. Your outline should also be structured in the same way to avoid any confusion.
  • Once you start writing, keep going till you reach the end. Make sure you have not deviated from the topic or the outline. Once the outline is changed, you need to be aware of it and ensure that the digressions are not excessive.
  • When reach the end, go through the whole essay once again. You need to make sure you have not made any silly mistakes or overlooked any typos. It is necessary to ensure a perfect essay when you submit the same.

Do get in touch with us when you feel a bit diffident to take part in essay contests for high school students. You need to be quite sure of yourself, if you want to win a prize at the contest. We can help you do it.