Essay on my school

Essay on my school – we can help you write a good one

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Think of these points when you write about a school that you are presently in or have studied in

  • First list out the points that describe your school completely. If the topic of your essay is the middle or high school that you studied in, write about the location of the school and its highlights too. For instance, if it is a very old school, mention this fact in your essay and also give some details about the history of the institution.
  • Your experiences in school could also form a vital part of your essay. The day you first joined school might be etched in your memory because of some unforgettable events that took place. You could mention this in order to give your essay some substance and nostalgia as well.
  • Focus on some of the people who contributed to the entire image of the school. They could be teachers, principals, assistants or maybe even the school gardener who left his mark on you. Their words of wisdom might continue to be sources of wisdom to you even now. You could mention this in your essay.
  • Talking about peers and friends and those who influenced you to do both good and bad, could be relevant to your essay too. Of course, you cannot make your essay sound like one long list of childhood pranks that you have played on each other.
  • Finally, ensure that you put across in very practical terms, what your school as a whole means to you even now. If you are a grad school student, writing about your high school, you need to say how it played a vital role in making you what you are today.

The next time you are given the essay topic “Essay on my school”, don’t panic. Make a brief outline and then begin your writing task. Call us if you are up against a wall.