Essay Questions

Answering Essay Questions – A Multi-Skilled Task

An examination question paper may include different types of questions viz. multiple choice, one word answer, short answer and essay questions. Just like the other types of questions, essay questions which are basically narrative, also carry their own features. Academicians who set question paper usually choose such topics which are dealt in detail in the syllabus for framing narrative type questions. Other than selecting the relevant topic, some more points are to be kept in mind in preparing this sort of questions. Most important one is the context. Questions should be taken from such a context that makes it possible to collect enough points from the topic included in the syllabus. By giving a simple twist, entirely different looking questions could be framed making use of same topic and context. The answers of different questions prepared from the context may have enough similarities in the text, but is sure to give an entirely different look altogether.

The predictability of this type of question is high compared to other type of questions. Students can reach in easy conclusions regarding the narrative type questions that may arise from each topic. Hence, it remains a challenging and at the same time thrilling task to prepare fresh and strange questions, as far as examiners are considered. Along with, an element of risk also is involved in it. If the questions prepared are not getting enough acceptances both among academicians and students, it’ll give bad reputation for those who prepare those questions.

For a student, answering these types of questions remains a big hurdle in the examination hall. Compared to other type of questions, entirely different methodology is needed here to present answer well. Main requirement is enough knowledge on the topic. In the case of one word answer type and short answer type questions just passive knowledge may be enough to perform well. But that’s not the case here. Deep knowledge and enough points are very necessary.

After accumulating enough points, special attention is to be paid to arrange them chronologically according to priority. Hereafter, each point is to be elaborately in the order.

Other than presenting all the relevant points, it demands some more formalities. It’s the basics of answering essay questions that it should have an introduction and a conclusion. Actually the introduction is meant to attract the reader into the text of the essay. In the introduction, normally the aim of the answer is presented in a nutshell, usually. Innovative attempts in essay introduction writing also are not rare. Since the primary function of the introduction in answering this type of questions is to make the reader read the whole work, there’s not harm in going innovative attempts.

After introduction, the text consists of the elaboration of points. After completing all points in accordance with the gradation principle, one has to conclude the answer of the essay questions beautifully. Conclusions may appear to be some inference, views or even criticism.

Through the answers of essay questions what is being rated is not just bookish knowledge. Efficiency in matters like ability to co-ordinate points, presentation style, writing ability, vocabulary strength, etc. also could be examined. In case you require any help with your essay questions – feel free to give this task to our writers.