Essay Writer

How can an essay writer go to the Horizon of Writing and beyond?

A good essay would be helpful for readers to get a complete picture on the topic being handled. Along with being a complete work on the prescribed topic, it should be readable; more than that very catchy and creating interest in reader. From the title to the very last word of conclusion, and the essay writer has to make sure that the reader should not feel boredom in going through the work.

Essay writing is a task which demands training and experience. An essay writer takes birth not from mere luck or just inborn talent, but from hard work and keen observations both by reading and understanding the developments all around the world. He should be very sharp in thinking, interested in social issues and keep a passion for writing. Writing boosts the energy of a writer to heights of creativity and critical thinking. It awakens inborn talent and it helps a lot to develop writing skill.

Essay writing is actually a blend of knowledge transfer and creative writing. It demands a set of skills which are inevitable. First and foremost an essay writer needs relevant points to present. For getting points, one should be familiar with authentic and relevant sources, whether it is in print or electronic form.

On getting required sources, start the task of collecting points needed for the particular work. Latest and informative points need to be collected so that the essay would be informative to the reader. Without new information readers can’t be attracted as they would rely on the write up mainly for knowledge enhancement. So, skillful presentation of updated information is the requirement.

Points noted from different sources and even from different contexts in same sources may not be co-related. Here, much exercise would be required to give a concrete and final shape of the essay, using the information already collected.

Of course, title is the opening key of any written piece. It is the first thing which invokes both interest and disinterest in a reader’s mind. So, no more mentioning is required regarding the necessity of having an attractive and meaningful title. Titles which can carry in very few words, the central point of the write-up, are considered to be of top class.

Writing should begin with an introduction which gives in brief the aim of writing. Hereafter each point is to be elaborated one after the other. One or more points may be explained in each paragraph. Points should be arranged and detailed according to priority so that there remains continuity for the whole text. Essays won’t be that readable if it looses flow and cohesion in writing.

Beautiful and relevant quotations would make the writing more attractive. Utmost care should be taken to separate quotations from the rest of the text using inverted comas. And also, the essay writer should be very keen in giving credit to sources while copying quotations.

One should keep in mind that it is not advisable to be copy cats in creative writing. No harm, one can collect information, conceive them and reproduce the ideas in one’s own words. Those who utilize the ‘copy-paste’ method are being caught in plagiarism just because they are not applying any intellectual activity upon it just other than going through the source. Rest of the job is only mechanical. This is viewed as a curse on writing.