Five Paragraph Essay Format

Use the Five Paragraph Essay Format to ensure the right essay structure

When you are wondering how to take an essay forward, unsure of the structure you have to follow, the five paragraph essay format is the best bet. You don’t have to go around in circles wondering which the best thing to do is and how you should go about doing it. This particular kind of format is easy to understand and try out. If you are wondering how exactly you have to approach the whole format, take a look at this article. The next five paragraphs have been written in the 5 paragraph format is widely accepted. If you have any more doubts on this, please get in touch with for more useful tips and advice.


The purpose of this brief piece of writing is to illustrate how a 5 paragraph essay has to be written. In this first paragraph, which is the first in the five paragraph essay format, the purpose of the writing is clearly spelt out. Apart from formatting, this is also about the use of simple language in a school or college essay. The main part of the essay focuses on how simple language helps in understanding the content and the overall message that the writer is trying to convey.

Body paragraph 1

As was introduced in the preceding paragraph, apart from the essay layout or structure, language is a very important component or ingredient of any essay. Have you read an essay that uses all sorts of words that go clean above your head? This could neither be correct or interesting. Simple language is easily understood by a wider set of readers.

Body paragraph 2

Using the right kind of case studies and anecdotes could help illustrate the points that you are making. For instance, if you are writing a brief essay on alcoholism, it would be relevant to bring in an example of a person who struggles to cope with his drink problem. This would be a good topic for an alcohol essay and also bring into sharp focus the main idea or thesis statement of your essay.

Body paragraph 3

Once you are sure about the layout and the examples, you need to ensure that the style and sequence of your essay are right. Using the right tone and diction could set your essay apart from the rest. The use of simple phrases that indicate the transition of ideas needs to be done. Therefore, sequential presentation is very important.

Concluding paragraph

The final component of a good essay is the proofreading and editing of the same. You could explore the benefits of using our essay checker service to understand how well we can help you with this facet of essay writing. Remember editing is what makes the difference between a good and bad essay.

If you have understood the basic points of essay writing from the preceding paragraphs you will understand the areas in which we can help you master the five paragraph essay format. can do quite a bit to put you into the league of successful essay writers.