GCSE English Coursework

Steps in GCSE English coursework

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education which offers many subjects for the students to study and the body also conducts examinations. There are many categories to choose from, which includes subjects like health, production, manufacturing, core subjects, computing, etc. These exams help the students to attend their summer exams and they also teach how to manage stress. Children from age 14 years to 19 years attend this course. English is one subject from the category core subjects. In GCSE English Coursework, the English literature is taught in three parts. The three parts are English drama, English poetry and English prose.

The individuals who are interested can search the internet about GCSE and when you search about English literature the information about the various stories in the three parts and the authors by name list can be browsed. There is a summary given about each prose, poetry and drama which is also offered in www.UrgentEssays.co.uk custom writing service. A search on the GCSE search engine makes an individual’s work very easy. GCSE English Coursework also helps the students to strengthen their language skills and they are given grades when they finish their exam successfully. The duration of the English course work is 2 years.

What is done in GCSE English Coursework?» is discussed below.

  • The students those who are interested in this coursework join the GCSE and attend their classes.
  • The students are given good training starting from vocabulary to various patterns in sentence formation.
  • They are asked to write a lot of essays, poetry, prose, etc which helps develop their language and coursework writing skills.
  • They are made to study the various writing styles of many author’s which helps to develop their way of writing.
  • The students are given assignments and it is evaluated by the teachers. The positives and negatives in their assignments are discussed by the teachers to the respective students.
  • The students write their exams on English coursework and they get grades according to their marks. The grades are from A – G highest to lowest. The students can also attend improvement exams but if the students fail in the examination they cannot attend any other exam in GCSE which is a drawback.

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