GCSE essay

GCSE essay – if you are in high school, you need to know more about writing a GCSE essay

In most schools in the UK, the General Certificate of Secondary Examination or GCSE is a qualification taken by students between the ages of 14 and 16. A similar version of the same examination is done in other countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, UAE and several other places as well. The examination involves studying a minimum of five subjects that are jointly chosen by the students and the school. It is therefore necessary for students doing their GCSEs to be aware of what a GCSE essay should contain.

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The essay writing format for an essay at GCSE level is fairly simple and it is quite easy for a student to adapt to it. In fact, it is quite similar to the five paragraph essay format that is commonly used in high schools today. Therefore, it is necessary to know more about the five paragraph essay rubric in order to excel at essay writing tasks at GCSE level. If you are not very sure about how to go about this, go through our essay website for more ideas and help.

Any essay at GCSE level should have the following

  • a clear introduction that leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader or teacher, what the student is focusing on
  • evidence to show that the student has done a certain amount of background study and research on the topic
  • Relevance to the subject that the student is studying at present. For instance, if his subject his World History, his topic and essay should be connected to this
  • Sufficient quotations that indicate that the student has taken the pains to read and understand the writings of other authors on the same topic
  • Sequential presentation that follows the right kind of essay format so that the evaluator realizes that the student is clear about the subject
  • A good and clear conclusion that proves that the student has understood how to connect the points in his or her essay

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