GCSE Science Coursework

What is the GCSE science coursework?

Science coursework remains as the interesting subject for many students. The GCSE Science Coursework deals with theoretical as well as practical knowledge, skills and abilities. It contains the following steps:

  • Plan – which is an investigation process and we can also draw diagrams to make it easy to understand.
  • Organize – the results and evidences are tabulated in tables.
  • Analyze – analyze the results and graphs can be drawn.
  • Evaluate – evaluation of the whole process

The coursework should contain the following:

  • The Plan
  • Description of the method and the work
  • The Introduction
  • The Conclusion and the results obtained

Tips to create the GCSE Science Coursework are discussed below:

  • First of all, search for the topic and plan the entire process. Divide them into chunks so that it becomes easy for you to work on it.
  • Discuss about the various methodologies, their benefits, their drawbacks and choose a particular method. It is important to discuss why you chose a particular method.
  • Take notes when investigating or observing the process and tabulate the necessary information because when tabulated it becomes easy for comparison also.
  • The data from the investigation process are very important.
  • Remember to make sure that your work does not coincide with that of others. Don’t work on others’ work. Just create your own ideas and work on it.
  • The logical order is too important in science coursework and the key points should be carefully noted and examined. You must be able to prove all the points.
  • Avoid mistakes in number, experiments, spelling, etc.

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  • Discuss the summary of the research work – the essence or the abstract or the introduction of what the research is about should be discussed. This is the first and the most important step.
  • Conclusion – what is obtained from the research paper should be explained. The conclusion brings out the result that is observed from the research.
  • In science category a non – exam pattern of the coursework is also made available. Also the report works, lab reports and other research papers can be referred.
  • The specific guidelines regarding the research, the assumptions made and the method used must be documented for future reference purpose.
  • A detailed document about the entire research paper should also be submitted.
  • Always proofread your work before calling it a complete paper.
  • The final documentation based on the analysis and the results must also be created.
  • GCSE advises the students to complete their reports by following their guidelines. So it is important to know each and every guideline that you are given.

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