GMAT essay

Seven tips to a good GMAT essay

Preparing for the Graduate Management Admission Test could be a nightmare if you don’t have the right kind of professional help. There are standardized tests for the mathematical as well as the language components. Here we are concerned with the language component and how the same should be written. can give you constructive advice on how to tackle your GMAT essay. It is essential that you go through these seven steps carefully; they are sure to help you maximize your scores.

The essay website, is one of the few sites, which offers the best tips and ideas to students preparing for the GMATs. So go through our site for ideas and you will find tips that help you do your GMAT essay in a better way. Also remember that it is necessary to learn the right essay writing format for this exam. Learn the tips right now because you cannot resort to the use of any essay editing service to spruce up your essay at a later date.

Here are the 7 tips to get you to the top

  • Understanding the question – make sure you read through the two questions that you are given. As you are aware, one is an argument that you are asked to analyze and the other is an issue that you are asked to assess and evaluate. Both essays call for a thorough understanding of the question. So take time to read and understand the question instead of taking off into the writing phase.
  • The ‘I’ factor – very often, students get into the annoying habit of saying I did this or I was born in or I can do…… this sounds like an overdose of the ‘I’ factor! Try not to overdo this; instead try to focus on what you can do in a given situation
  • Make a lasting impression; but don’t overdo it. A student is always tempted to put his best foot, sorry his best feet forward! Unfortunately, this could be disastrous because it might look like you are trying to blow your own trumpet. Make your essay focus on your skills rather than harp on what you have done, unnecessarily.
  • Sounding pompous – everyone wants to save the world and so do you! Remember that the admission officers are tired of people telling them that they are going to be the next corporate Messiah. So don’t make any bombastic claims.
  • Be objective when you answer the question. Nobody is going to be happy with an over-emotional and sensitive person who flips over when there is a problem.
  • Take time to prepare – do not leave your preparations for your essay till the very end. You will have too many butterflies in your stomach to cope with.
  • Check and recheck – this is the final, but most important tip of all. Do not leave anything to chance. The last thing the admissions officer wants to see is a grammar or spelling error or a typo.

Get these 7 tips to stay on in your mind and you will be able to write the best GMAT essay possible.