Macbeth Essay

Essays on Macbeth – the Tragic Hero who Lives on Forever

Macbeth essay is very important and familiar for English literature students. While studying Elizabethan theatre, most concentration is put on Shakespeare. And a study on Shakespeare without Macbeth is highly incomplete. Here lies the importance of a Macbeth essay.

Works of Shakespeare are divided into three viz. comedy, tragedy and tragicomedy. Macbeth is one among the four important tragedies of him. Macbeth, a prince is the central character of the play. More than a character he represents a time period itself. The concepts, confusions, apprehensions and such all emotions in a single person’s mind could be viewed in this character both by critics and fans of Shakespeare. Repeated versions and different views on this character come up day by day. There won’t be much other literature works which is getting this much scrutinized and criticized continuously through out history till today. No doubt, it’ll go on since the author had put that much opportunity to get the character criticized and kept lively all the time.

By this time, one can’t limit the number of angles in how Macbeth is being analyzed from different sides. Still it’s worth to go through some titles which are familiar to us.

The character study on Macbeth is a topic of essay where there is ample opportunity to analyze the play itself. Through this work, one can present the character study of Macbeth. Of course, the milestones in his lifetime also could be discussed. Along with the writer can explain of the factors which lead to the downfall of the character, by the end of the play. The thread of the story is that initially Macbeth was a successful general who was supposed to have noble qualities. But later, his own ambitions and wife’s influence take him to a mental state at which he is being compelled to attempt a murder. Hereafter, the story takes a twist which takes him to a tragic end so fast.

The incidents which occur one after the other in the play makes it a tragedy. The question arises here is whether the actions of Macbeth alone were the only reason for his downfall. Whether he is to be blamed for the actions he perform, what is the role of conspiracy, is it just fate that lead to tragedy etc. are the questions which are to be answered in detail considering the relevant situations in the play.

Macbeth the tragic hero, evil in Macbeth, the role of supernatural in Macbeth, Macbeth’s desire for power, Symbolism and irony in Macbeth, etc. are some among the important Macbeth essay topics. The adaptation of the play into other media like film, TV, novels, opera and comic books also demands detailed narration. The roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have attracted many great actors worldwide. Comparison of the original play with film created by Roman Polanski on Macbeth and Kurosawa’s film ‘Throne of blood’ based on the play are good topics for preparing a Macbeth essay writing. Such works will help a reader to understand about the changes brought in while handling different situations in the play so that it suits the new medium. Some modernizations and innovations also could be seen in adapting the play.

Also do not forget to proofread and edit your Macbeth essay