Marketing Assignment Essay

How does it lead to better marketing?

The success of a product lies in the hands of the marketing department. Any product that attracts people vastly will cause more sales of the particular product. There are many techniques used in the marketing field. To improve the quality of the marketing a subject called marketing assignment essay is introduced. It helps in researching and analyzing about the particular type or category of the product introduced. This can be also called as business essay model.

A business requires all types of analysis and lots of research on things connected with that business. The marketing assignment essay is an informative essay that supports the growth of the business and gives much information about the marketing part. Many tips are given in this that can be used by the sales person. Some of the tips to improve marketing, which would be included in a marketing assignment essay, are discussed here.

  • Usage of business cards is necessary. This acts as a key note in the success of the product. Distribute the cards.
  • A picture speaks more than words. So use a picture in support of the developed product such that people tend to remember the product through the picture.
  • Publicize the product more. Let the advertisements be in magazine, televisions, radios, etc.
  • Work as a team. When you work as a team you will get chance to discuss about the various aspects of the developed product.
  • Gifts are means of an attraction of the customers. Announce various gifts when buying the product.
  • Join hands with the cross promoters and distributors which will help in a good percentage of product delivery.
  • Get good feed back from the clients after usage of the products which can be used in advertisements.
  • The people who are in the field of marketing should know to speak in an attractive way when they are in the process of selling the products.
  • Give special discounts when the product is sold at door.

When making a product the things that should be considered for the success of it are discussed below.

  • Whether the product suits the geographical location?
  • Does the product meet the customer requirements?
  • Is the quality good compared to other company’s product?
  • Can the normal people afford it?
  • Will the product is within the law and the code of instructions for a business?

It is also important to prepare manual for the product. The manual will tell the customers how to use the product. Consider a lotion. The manual will contain about how to use it and when to use it. It may also contain the information about which type of people (fair, dark) can use it. The guaranty and warranty for the product that should be given along with the manual. For example a warranty notice is given along with the manual for all electronic goods.

Thus the success of the product lies in marketing part. To make a marketing assignment essay you need philosophical as well as technical skills.