Medical School Essay

Be realistic when you write your medical School Essay

Everyone wants to change the world in some way or the other. Any aspiring doctor would love to be the one who discovers the medicine that can cure dreaded diseases. Would you be the one to cure AIDS, Alzheimer’s Sickle Cell Anemia and every other major disease that you could think of? Though all of us have such grandiose plans for the future, one must not lose touch with reality at any point of time. This tryst with the real and harsh world is especially relevant when you write your medical school essay. If you are wondering how to put these ideas across without sounding like a perfect nutcase, just get in touch with us at We can ensure that you sound sincere even when you are talking about those incredible achievements earlier on.

What should a good med school essay contain?

  • A brief account of achievements that you have to your credit. Do not for a moment think that you could present this as a list. If you put in a list, it would be almost like reeling off a shopping list – sounds irrelevant and unnecessary.
  • If there is a specific event that has occurred in the near or distant past that has convinced you of your calling as a doctor, please make a mention of the same. There is just one thing you need to remember while doing this – make sure it is not a lengthy presentation of this event. It should be brief.
  • An important aspect of relating such an event is this – the effects or outcomes of the event would be more important that the event itself. Therefore, make sure you highlight this in your essay. Call for more on this particular point.
  • A sincere and fervent plea to be considered as a suitable applicant and candidate for med school. By sincere, we do not mean that one has to beg for admission into med school. On the other hand, the request should be so worded that you give the admissions officer reason to believe that you deserve this admission.
  • Above all, it is necessary to ensure that there are no mistakes in your medical school essay. Just imagine what it would look like if you were to write an essay and submit it and then later on find that the grammar and syntax errors actually changed the meaning of what you were trying to convey. You cannot do anything about this at this stage because you have already submitted the essay. So check before you submit.

Whether it is a medical school essay or a law school essay, make sure that it has the right tone and diction. Going through our essay samples could give you a good idea of what an admission essay should be like. Using the essay writing technique that we practice, gives you an edge over your fellow-applicants. Since proofreading and editing are so much a part of essay writing, use our essay checker service to ensure your admission.