MLA Style Essay

MLA Style Essay – easy as long as you know the basic rules of formatting and citation

The Modern Language Association or the MLA style of writing an essay is one of the most commonly used styles in academic circles. MLA and APA are quite common and there are a couple of other styles that are used too. If you are interested in learning more about writing an MLA style essay it would be good to learn from our experienced writers at

There are a few rules about the formatting and structure of this essay that every student should know. Given below are a few basic rules that could help you write your first MLA essay. Read on and find out more

Some points to remember while writing your college acceptance essay

  • Make sure you use a normal size of paper which is usually 8½ x 11 inches dimension. Ensure a good quality so that you do not have problems when you print.

  • The margins in an MLA paper are important. You need to have a margin of one inch all around the page

  • When you begin a new paragraph, make sure you indent it by about half an inch. In other words, this would be five spaces from the margin.

  • If you are putting in a quotation as a block, this indent should be increased to one inch or ten spaces.
  • Ensure that your entire paper has double line spacing. Even when you are putting in quotations or your list of references, this double-line spacing is necessary.

  • An MLA paper or essay does not require a title page. This is the norm. However, there are some guides who require it; so check before you put your title page in.

  • Pagination has to be done right from the very first page. Page numbers are to be placed in the top corner on the right hand side of the page.

There are quite a few rules and regulations to be followed when you write your MLA style essay. When you go through the samples of MLA essays on our site, you will find that it is not as difficult as it sounds. Initially, you might find these rules a bit irksome since you have not done an MLA essay earlier. As you keep working on these essays and read through our samples, you are sure to become a lot more confident.

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