Narrative Essay

The points considered when writing a narrative essay

Narrative essay is used when you tell an experience which occurred in the past to the listener. When we hear this word narration we can remember children participating in story telling competitions and recitations. This is also more or less similar to that. It is the form of delivering your experience in an attractive form. Here we look into how to write this form of an essay with an illustration.

The illustration starts. This incident happened when I was in first standard (long back). Once we (dad, mom and me) were travelling from Mumbai to Chennai, in India, by train. It was a very hot Sunday. The water was over in our water can. None of the nearby passengers had water. I was very thirsty. I cried to my dad, “Dad, I want water. Please get me some”. The train came to a halt at a station. Dad and many other co-passengers got out to get some water in the bottles. Suddenly the train started. My dad was not in the coach. I started shouting “Daddy!” One of the passengers was getting ready to stop the train by the pulling the chain. Before that someone took me in their hands. I started to smile. My tears were turned to happiness because it was my daddy. He got inside some other coach when the train started. From that day I never allow my dad to get down at any station.

The above essay is a good illustration of narrative essay. Here my experience is about losing dad at a station. The child’s innocence is brought out when stated about the cries. The most important part is that the above example has just the emotions connected with the incident that occurred. Unnecessary information is avoided. The idea is to stick to the incident and its emotion. It is important not to concentrate on any other incident when we narrate one incident.

It is important to attract the reader. It is essential to depict the characters and the climax. The style of narration and threading of the sequence of events must be logically correct. To attract readers this could also be in a conversational way. The features of this type are as follows:

  • Bring out the experience in a recreated way.
  • It is the experience of us or others.
  • It also tells the lesson learned from the experience. It can also be termed as the outcome of an incident.

The steps in this type of essay writing are as follows.

  • Think what the importance of the incident is.
  • Recollect the past.
  • Create good outlines.

It can be of any topic such as a childhood story, a lesson you learnt from your failure, realizations, your achieved goal, etc. many readers are interested in reading the narrative essay because it gives them a good pass time and sometimes it reminds them their past. It also provides a pleasurable laugh when a humorous incident is written.