Writing a Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Writing a persuasive essay is a very difficult task especially if you know precious little about the subject. Abortion might be a very contentious topic to write about; but it is quite common too. There are so many subtopics that you could focus on while writing about abortion. Urgentessays.co.uk could give you some ideas that you could use as essay prompts depending on your present academic levels. Stand out among your peers with your persuasive essay on abortion that you could with our help.

The art of persuasive essay writing

When you try to persuade or convince a person about a particular perspective or viewpoint, it is necessary to be fully aware of the topic and its many facets. The reader needs to be impressed by your views made credible by your writing ability. Once you are able to convince a reader, the rest, as they say, is history! You could prove a point either in favor or against a particular topic. Both views are examples of persuasive essay writing.

Some essay prompts to help you handle abortion essays

  • Abortion and the Roman Catholic Church – it is widely known that abortion is not acceptable here. In the last few decades there has been wide-spread criticism of the rules of celibacy and austerity that have been in practice for several centuries. Abortion is an issue that deeply divides members in the church as well. Your essay could explore the reasons for this divide and focus on a way to arrive a time-bound consensus on the issue.
  • Teenage abortions – with the freely available information on the net about sexual activity, it is understandable that teenage pregnancies are now more common. Your essay could address these issues and focus on helpful ideas that target boys and girls in their teens. This would highlight the dangers of unsafe sex and safeguard them against unscrupulous doctors who are ready to perform abortions for the asking.
  • Pro choice protests – in the wake of increasing support of pro choice activists, the government agencies in many countries face a dilemma. Your essay could explain the rationale behind the decision making process for a woman to go ahead with the aborting of a fetus.

Whatever stand or viewpoint you might want to take, you cannot to lose sight of the correct essay writing technique that has to be adopted in a persuasive essay on abortion. The intro should have a clear statement of purpose followed by body paragraphs that support your viewpoint. If you have doubts about your essay layout – give us a call. We could give you brief tips to help you out.

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