Poverty Essay

Poverty Essay – look at the issue from various perspectives before you decide to write

Poverty is a distressing issue, to say the least and is certainly not a favorite topic to write on. However, it is necessary for students to learn to write on topics like this as well as others that are more pleasant to think about. If you are asked to write a poverty essay, you need to be aware of other related issues as well. War, famine, hunger, food supplies, barriers to development and optimum use of resources – these are just some of the topics that you need to know about to begin with.

When you are assigned the task of writing a poverty essay do not keep wondering what you would do without the right kind of topic to write on. A firm like ours, Urgentessays.co.uk could do a lot to set right this issue of finding or selecting a topic. Here are some topics that you could think of working on. In case, you face difficulties in finding info to put into the essays based on these topics, please get in touch with us. The writers at Urgentessays.co.uk would be only too glad to help.

  • Poverty and abortion. Is poverty always the cause of abortion? Would one be justified in abortion a fetus on grounds of poverty? These are dicey questions, but ones that can find place in a college or university class. Of course, you could also think of doing a persuasive essay on abortion, when you have an essay question or prompt like this. You could discuss the reasons why more cases of abortion are reported among those living below the poverty line.

  • Poverty and drugs abuse. There is this case of a single mother who took to peddling and using drugs to provide for herself and her two children. The nexus between poverty and substance abuse is so deeply entrenched in some strata of society that it is difficult to find a way out. Your essay could focus on the issue. It could also be written as a social work essay that takes poverty levels into account.

  • Urban poverty. In the recent past, the recession has forced quite a few middle-class people into urban poverty. To most of them, it is irrecoverable poverty, a state that they are not able to break out of. Examine the causes of this poverty and also suggest a few ideas that would help people avoid a terrible state such as this in the near or distant future.

  • How do children cope with poverty? There are some who are born into abject poverty and some who become poor over the course of their lives. Either way, poverty can be damaging to a child’s psyche. Cases of child abuse and domestic violence dominate such families. You could write a child abuse essay and comment on how continual poverty damages the entire family structure and social fabric.

Once you are able to understand the various facets from which poverty can be examined, you can ensure that your poverty essay contains relevant and useful facts. Call us for updated info any time.