Sometimes a second eye is all you need!

Editing and proofreading are valuable to any essay, research paper or report. Essential but often overlooked, proofreading is what sets a “B” paper apart from an “A” quality assignment and is probably one of the most important components of essay writing. Proofreading can be time consuming, laborious and sometimes just not a whole lot of fun to do. Despite this, a properly proofread paper can make the difference. First Class writers know that it is always helpful to get a second eye to look over a manuscript.

Not only writing …

Remember that we provide not only writing but also editing and proofreading services, just to put your essay or dissertation into final shape. In addition to grammatical and stylistic error correction, we offer:

  • Expert proofreading
  • Expert formatting
  • Expert writing style modification
  • Expert content modification

Details won't remain unnoticed!

With an eye for detail and an unparalleled sense of intricacies of the English language, our specialized proofreading team works diligently on assignments just like yours. Poor grammar? Difficulties with sentence structure? Poor flow? We can help correct grammatical, syntax or structural problems with your paper. Similar to our editing service, our proofreading team works daily to help people just like yourself put together an excellent First Class assignment.

Have doubt about your English? Then rely on us!

A proofreader is often an English PhD graduate with an excellent command of the unique peculiarities of the English language. Most of our proofreaders are professional editors who excel in the copy-editing process. If English is your second language and you need another person to look over your assignment you’ve come to the right place. works with thousands of people just like you to ensure the highest quality at a reasonable rate.

From a draft to a quality paper!

Proofreading is an essential task that we undertake with precision and care. Our quality team is here to assist you with this ever important task 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel like your work is not complete? Tired of figuring out how to finish your paper? Send us your work-in-progress and we’ll turn it into the quality assignment you deserve!

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