SAT Essay Topic

SAT Essay Topic – understand it perfectly before you begin writing

A lot depends on your SAT scores; it makes sense therefore to pay a lot of attention to the SAT essay topic that you are presented with. If you are keen on entering a college of great repute, you need to have good scores. You cannot hope to enter the college with mediocre scores; no explanation for this will be good enough for the admission officers. If you are not able to figure out how to prepare for your SAT essay, you need to get in touch with us at We could give you the right tips and also suggest some good topics that you can work on.

In order to understand how to write a SAT essay, please go through this example:

The SAT essay prompt:  “Necessity is the mother of invention”
The SAT essay assignment:  Are all inventions born of necessity. There are many inventions that can be considered as improvements or innovations of what already exist. Therefore, to what extent is this adage applicable in this fast changing world of technological development? Examine whether it is relevant today.

When you read the prompt and the assignment, you understand that the topic for a SAT essay is not in the form of a conventional topic. For instance, you are not asked to write an essay on global warming or stem cell research. Instead, you are asked to contemplate on a particular issue and explain in your own words, what your take on the subject really is.

There are a few points that would be good to keep in mind while working a SAT Essay Topic

  • Read the prompt and the assignment question a couple of times to understand it completely.
  • You need to realize that the question is not simple and straightforward. It is divided into quite a few segments and hence has to be analyzed the same way.
  • Make a few notes on the various issues that you need to address in your essay. This note-making is the first step to understanding the topic.
  • Get your outline in order. Try to prioritize the issues that you have to address as you keep re-reading the prompt.
  • Once you start writing the essay, keep checking it with your outline to make sure you have left nothing out.
  • Ensure that you proofread your essay at the end of the session. Make all the necessary corrections; don’t leave anything to chance.

Learning the right essay writing technique helps you answer any kind of SAT essay topic. You also need to understand the basic steps in framing the right kind of essay layout. Though you are trying to get into university, a SAT essay is not like university essay writing. Take time to learn the steps involved from professionals like who have been in the business for quite some time. Whether it is an essay in a specific subject or an essay for admission into a college, we could help you with quite a lot.