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Some topics for you in Science

  • Stem cell research and the ongoing debate. When there is anything new that is invented or examined, there are always groups of people who feel strongly either for or against the issue. Stem cell research is one such issue. Get enough info before you even think of a suitable essay outline. We can help you with formatting the essay and including update info as well.
  • The first test tube baby. Louise Brown was the first child to be born after the process of artificial insemination. At that time, test tube babies were unheard of. It is was a defining moment in the annals of reproductive medicine and gave a lot of hope to childless couples. Today, Brown has a baby of her own, proving that the impossible is really possible. Your essay could examine the tests, procedures and results of that revolutionary experiment and also comment on how there are further advancements in the field today.
  • Water on the moon. There are more and more studies that indicate that there could be water particles on the moon, sparking off a debate about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. List out some of the newfound info and explore the impact of such information on the inhabitants of Planet Earth.
  • Sustainable Agriculture. This seems to be the only way forward to stock up on fast dwindling natural resources and find a way to mitigate the doomsday-like feeling that exists today. Methods of sustainable agriculture and Integrated Pest Management could be the best solutions to harmful pesticides and chemicals.

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