Sociology Essay

What Makes a Good Sociology essay?

What topics constitute a sociology essay? Many people consider such a subject is boring for an essay and that is why most people do not show an interest in writing essays on this. Moreover, the deadening task that will follow in making a well-organized essay makes it not interesting at all. Whatever the reason is, sociology is still a part of their school curriculum and students have no choice.

To begin with, try to find out the general scope of the article that should be written by knowing the specific subjects covered in a sociology topic. Probably, as your first interest, you can write on different personalities that are widely or fully known in the area of social sciences. Grab a piece of paper and jot down all possible names that you have known and have a quick research on their biographies, integrating their achievements and contribution in the said field.

Another possible scope is by defining the different branches of sociology. Enumerate and explain the theories that are recognized and accepted in a specific branch. Lastly, like your history essay, you can write about the chronological events in the field of sociology that will enlighten your readers.

After conceptualizing of what topics to be written, the next question is “What makes a good sociology essay?” It must establish a solid whole understanding of the sociological terminology and concepts. It is very useful then and recommended that you may take along with you a copy of a Sociology Dictionary to aid you in grasping the different terminologies.

A good sociology essay is also capable in applying these terms and terminologies to social institutions and physical phenomena. Developments and phenomena are not just described in the essay; rather it must be translated and interpreted using the theories and concepts of sociology that you have learned. You must express your ability to reflect on the things you are reading and later evaluate using sociological interpretations of the developments and phenomena that you have read. A writer needs to read and further evaluate the previous and current situation and be able to make critique out of it and write a good essay. Critiques will make the essay appear original because it is based on the writer’s opinions and point of view. To be original in a sociology essay, you are not required to invent your own theory, just respond on these theories and studies that you have read and evaluate their usefulness in understanding the social phenomena. Try to answer the questions: Is the theory useful throughout all societies? Or was it just useful in a particular society or just a part of a segment? You don’t have to generate new ideas, but you have just to present what you are thinking as you evaluate and integrate what you have read.

Lastly, a good sociology essay must be focusing on the technical aspects of constructing an essay. It must have a well-organized logical structure, with precision and must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. A fresh start may be difficult, but later, at constant practice, it will turn out to be a well prepared essay written by an expert. Just remember to proofread and edit your paper once in a while to keep track of your writing.