Student Essay

The Importance of Essay Writing in the Life of a Student

It is the duty of our education system to evaluate students on grammatical skills and use of language in addition to judging how cohesive a student is in enumerating his/her ideas. With this view in mind, the teachers often ask students to write essays on a myriad of subjects and the most esoteric and obscure of topics. A student is expected to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and rustle up an assorted conglomeration of facts or a palatable concoction of fiction-fact-imagination as per requirement. Essay writing is an excellent way to not only evaluate how good a person is with the language but also to understand how well informed and logical he is in his approach. It also allows the teachers to understand how capable a student is in expression his or her views on a topical subject. A student essay can be of different types. For example, a student essay can encompass such a wide array of characteristics as argumentative, descriptive, definitive, critical, narrative, informative, analytical or technical.

Essay writing develops sensibilities, hones creativity, encourages lateral thinking, promotes freedom of expression and helps inculcate interests in areas that are not directly linked to one’s academics. Students also learn how to write concise and to-the-point essays to suit specific requirements such as summary writing.

The process of essay writing makes a student aware of the importance of such facets as: correct usage of grammar, readability of the essay, accuracy of facts and presentation of ideas in addition to developing editing skills. When a student is writing a descriptive essay or a narrative essay-all his language skills and creativity are put to use, whereas when a student is writing a technical essay or an analysis essay all his analytical, quantitative and data interpretation skills are put to use. While writing a critical essay, a student is expected to develop enough expertise on a subject to be able to present a well thought out critique. An argumentative essay helps a student develop ideas to substantiate his thoughts and allows him to take a stand on a particular topic. Therefore it is apt to say that essay writing is an important learning tool for students, which would help them in more ways than one. The ability to write well is often required in a person’s life–be it a statement of purpose for college admission, a sales report or a thesis. Essay writing therefore prepares a student for life from a very young age. It therefore becomes a duty of the teachers to encourage good writing and proper expression of thought.

A student essay should never be judged in isolation-rather it should be judged in conjunction with the times that we live in and the socio-economic-political condition of the country at that point in time. It throws light on the freshness of thoughts and the originality of ideas of the writer. A student essay is often a reflection of the writer’s personality and the way he interprets the world.

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