The Color Purple essay

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Alice Walker, the author of the book The Color Purple, is acclaimed as one of the greatest African American writers of all time. Before you think of collecting information and writing a good The Color Purple essay, it would be a good idea for you to know a little about this great writer. Her life and passions about the plight of her fellow African Americans seem to be encapsulated in this work of fiction. The book has characters that are so lifelike that one wonders about their origin and whether there are traces of an autobiography in it too. Since students are asked to study this book in great detail, has recommends a few topics that could be the bases of good essays.

Here are some topics that you could check out before you begin The Color Purple essay

  • Comparative studies are usually quite interesting and throw up a lot of facts that one could otherwise have missed out on. For instance, if it would be a good idea to compare The Color Purple with Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I know why the caged bird sings. You could find points of comparison as well as differences; these would help in understanding the two books, their plots and their characters. You could then try writing a comparative essay on the treatment of specific issues in both the stories.
  • The Color Purple has also been filmed with well known actors bringing out the essence of Walker’s book. You could use this as a reflective essay topic and comment on how the characters are able to bring out the passions so expertly described by the author. You could also try to write a commentary on the extent to which the film has been a realistic and close representation of the book.
  • Open demonstrations of racism and sexism seem to dominate the entire book. With this in mind, you could write an essay on the prominent themes that are present and how the same are handled by the author. If you are wondering how to handle this kind of a topic, do get in touch with the expert of this essay writing service. can give you tips on how to handle this topic also suggestions for new topics too.
  • You could explore whether feminism is the most important aspect of this novel. At the same time, you could also contemplate on whether it is a mere expression of ‘man-hating.’ There are some literary critics who believe that all the men in the novel are portrayed as chauvinistic and cruel, which is a bit unrealistic. Chew on this idea and call us if you are up against the wall and wondering how to proceed.

The Color Purple is certainly not a novel that can be taken lightly. There are so many layers to it that it could take a series of essays to understand it in its entirety. We therefore recommend that for your The Color Purple essay, you get in touch with us right at the very beginning.