The Truman Show essay

We could give you some fresh ideas to use in your The Truman Show essay

Written by Andrew Niccol and directed by Peter Weir, The Truman Show is a film that chronicles the life of a man called Truman Burbank. Unknown to him, his entire life is being recorded and televised to millions of people. He does not realize that he is actually living in a very controlled environment, a sphere to be precise, where all the things that happen to him are orchestrated. Though you might have seen the film a couple of times, you might not be able to get some real fresh insights to make The Truman Show essay you write, informative and different. could help you out here and make sure that your essay really ‘speaks’ to the reader.

There are a couple of new ideas that you could bring into your essay on The Truman Show. You could think of writing a comparative essay by looking at this film and others like this in the same genre. Otherwise, you could use this as a reflective essay topic, where you try to assess and evaluate the whole theme and ethical relevance of the plot. Whatever topic you are thinking of for The Truman Show essay you write, you could always get in touch with the essay website for help and new ideas.

Three new ideas for your essay on The Truman Show

With the Truman Show essay you write, you need to bring to your reader, some fresh insights and thought-provoking statements about the characters and the making of the film. With the help of our essay writing service, you can ensure that your essay is outstanding.

  • The Truman Show – A study in delusion. One could think of the entire film set and the plot that unfolds as a figment of the imagination. The point in question here is this: whose imagination are we talking about? Is Truman Burbank the only character that faces delusion? What about the other characters who actually know that they are just actors or props – is there delusion there? Above all, what about the audiences watching Burbank grow, live, laugh, and fall in and out of love and so on? Your essay could do a close and in-depth study of the various levels of delusion that the characters in the film undergo, from beginning to end.
  • Psychological impact on the principal character. Though the end of the film shows Truman getting to know the truth of his existence, there is a question about the psychological impact on his psyche. With the help of proper case studies and supporting statistical information, you could write an essay that assesses and evaluates the impact of such a situation on an individual. You could always approach us for the right kind of scientific data too.
  • The Truman Show – the technical angle. From a pure investigative angle, examine the technical expertise that was showcased in the film. When you compare it with the other films made in the same year, 1998, you could rate it for technical excellence and novelty.