Twelfth Night Essay

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Shakespeare’s famous comedy, Twelfth Nightis probably one of the most well known of all his comedies. The interplay of emotions between the characters and the games they play to hide their passionate feelings, are the focus of the play. When you enter the world of Viola, Duke Orsino, Sebastian, Olivia and a host of other characters, you are transported to a whole new world of passionate fun. It is therefore important for you to read the play and understand it before you write your Twelfth Night essay.

Though most teachers of English Literature recommend that their students read the play in its original form, there are very few students to listen. To most of them, the adaptation of the play is good enough. For some others, a close look at the screen or televised adaptation is good enough. Very few read the original version, because there are quite a few words and phrases that they are able to understand. Shakespearean language is not something to be sniffed at and it would be advisable to learn more about Literature; if this is the subject you are going to pursue.

Some ideas for your essay on Twelfth Night

  • If the topic that you are writing on is a character, make sure you present a balanced view. For instance, Viola is the heroine of the play who disguises herself as a man called Cesario. You could examine the need for this deception and also comment on how appearances play a major role in the love lives of the various characters.
  • When you are working on the technique that Shakespeare has adopted in the play, remember to refer to the works of great Shakespearean critics. If you are not well informed on this, do get in touch with us for more
  • You could write essays on adaptations of the play as well. Imagine the play set in present day America and try to picture the whole story in a new setting. This would be an interesting angle to think of in your essay.

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